Monthly Archives: May 2015

Happy Fostering Anniversary!

15 May, 2015

Maureen and Steve have been approved as fostercarers for 6 years, 2 month after their approval they accepted 3 siblings into their home on an emergency, expected to be 3 to 4 week placement. 6 years later the children are still in the family which is their permanent long term home until independence. This is […]

Part Two – 18 and staying in care: Life for a foster child after Staying Put

7 May, 2015

The most significant piece of legislation, for thousands of young people in care and their foster carers across the UK, was passed a year ago. It eliminated the requirement for young people to leave their foster homes at the age of eighteen, although this has not come without its challenges. The aim of the Staying […]

Congrats to 100% KW

6 May, 2015

Big congratulations to KW for receiving a 100% attendance certificate at school. KW has been with one our foster carers for a year.

Foster Carer Tracey Spencer to party with the Queen

East Midlands foster carer, Tracey Spencer,  has been chosen by a number of members of the Women’s Institute to go to Buckingham Palace for a garden party in June. She’s very excited for the party and is on the hunt for a posh frock to wear! Tracy has been a foster carer with our East […]

Part One – Uncertainty after foster care. What was it like for young people before Staying Put?

After years of pressure and pilot programmes trialling ‘Staying Put’, young people in foster care are no longer forced to leave their foster homes at 18. Before the Staying Put legislation came into force, young people in foster care were required to leave the comfort of the foster homes that they had been placed in, […]