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#FosteringFriday | Most Asked Queries

11 April, 2016

Check out what our experts had to say to your three most asked #FosteringFriday questions this week!  Am I allowed to have pets in my home? Pets are allowed in the home however we would need to assess the nature of the pet individually upon application for the safety of the looked-after child. Will fostering […]

Three Counties Easter Activity Day

7 April, 2016

To celebrate the Easter break, our Three Counties team treated a group of their looked-after young people to Blackwell Adventure. Here the children enjoyed a day of activities including team building exercises, crate stacking and obstacle course! Here are a couple of snapshots from the day:

#FosteringFriday | Most Asked Questions

1 April, 2016

Can I foster if I’m renting? Yes, you can. As long as you have a spare room for a foster child to live with you, you can be a homeowner, be renting, or live in council housing. Can I foster with my own children? Yes, you can. Some foster carers have their own children and […]

London & Essex’s 2016 Easter Bonanza!

In celebration of Easter and the season of all things chocolate, the London and Essex team treated their looked-after and birth children to an Easter egg hunt and arts and crafts fun! As part of the Easter egg hunt, the children were asked to: 1.Track down all the eggs they could find 2. Gather the […]