Monthly Archives: May 2018

Circus Workshop

30 May, 2018

On May 29th, the Bromsgrove office was transformed into a circus for a fun-filled workshop! Staff, children and carers came out in numbers to give the range of circus activities their best attempt. Although no one will be leaving for the circus anytime soon, It was a great afternoon full of plenty of laughs!

Suzo’s Fostering Story

16 May, 2018

“We love him like he’s one of our own” Suzo shares how he’s fostered over 40 children in 20 years, despite losing his wife nearly 10 years ago. Twenty years ago, Suzo was inspired to become a foster carer by his wife Ruth who was a nursery nurse for several years but always dreamt of […]

Kenya’s Fostering Story

14 May, 2018

“It’s these small things that make you realise that everything you are doing as a family is completely worthwhile” Kenya shares what’s it’s like being part of a family who fosters and having four more brothers and sisters.  Kenya, now 23, was 17 years old when her family welcomed foster children into their home. Her […]

Brigitte’s Fostering Story

“I can honestly say that the lives of my own children have been so enriched by this whole experience” Brigitte shares the positive influence fostering a group of four siblings has had on her own children and the great bond they share.  Brigitte, a qualified Social Worker for over twenty years, made the life-changing decision […]

Dawn’s Fostering Story

“One young person I fostered, now an adult in his thirties, is still in my life today and calls me ‘mum’ Dawn started her fostering career over 26 years ago. She’d always adored children and had spent many years babysitting and childminding. Dawn always felt that caring for children was her ‘calling’ in life, and […]