Monthly Archives: May 2019

Natalie’s Fostering Journey

17 May, 2019

“I knew that I had the time and energy to help young people on the right path in life” Nat’s passion for helping young people became a reality when she studied at university to become a teacher. Starting out in a mainstream school before quickly moving to a special needs school, Nat worked with many […]

Dyllan’s Fostering Journey as a Birth Child

7 May, 2019

“It’s just like having an older brother” A birth child of Orange Grove foster carers, has shared his experience of living with a foster child. Dyllan, who is 9-years-old and the birth child of Fiona and Johnathon is constantly asked what it’s like to be living with a fostered child in his own home “Is […]

Teresa’s Fostering Journey

3 May, 2019

“When a child allows you to hold their hand or give you a hug – you can’t beat it” Teresa shares how her challenging teenage years has helped her to relate to the children she’s cared for. “I knew what I was like as a teenager and how challenging those years were, so I felt […]