Monthly Archives: August 2019

Jim & Jeanette’s Fostering Journey

29 August, 2019

”Fostering changed our lives for the better!” Jim, 57,  and Jeanette Dowling, 54, from Bolton, have always wanted children of their own. Foster caring gave them so much more than what they expected; it changed their lives forever. Having always loved children, Jim and Jeanette finally decided to take the leap after suggestions from Jeanette’s […]

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Fostering at Brighton Pride

23 August, 2019

Earlier this month, we were honoured to have a stand at Brighton Pride, where our Southern Counties staff and foster carers came together to encourage others within the LGBTQ+ community to consider fostering. There are thousands of children who need a stable, loving home and we believe that a person’s sexuality is irrelevant. We have […]

Alan & Annemarie’s Fostering Journey

16 August, 2019

“Fostering has given us a new purpose.” Alan, 67, and Annemarie Murphy, 54, decided to embark on a journey into fostering after having been surrounded by children their whole lives. Alan and Annemarie became part-time parents of their two grandchildren, 4 years and 6 months old at the time, after losing their only son. They […]