A Celebration for Foster Carers’ Children

20 June, 2017

This month, we had our annual celebration of our wonderful birth children – our way of saying thank you to them for opening their hearts and homes to our foster children. We know that fostering is something that the whole family is involved in, and the children of Foster Carers play an important role in welcoming new children into their homes, helping them settle in and being a friend to them when they need it most.

Our celebration event had 20 children attend, who all got on really well and were so well behaved – they were a pleasure to be around. It was a weekend of kayaking, trapezing, giant swinging as well as many other fun activities!

The children really got into the swing of it and showed how brave they really are as they took on each challenge with the greatest of ease. We were especially impressed with the younger ones as they displayed no fear, showing up the grownups!

They also enjoyed a treasure hunt and wacky races games in the evenings and filled up on the scrummy food that was laid out for them each day. Everyone had a great time and already we can’t wait for next year’s return!


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