Fostering requirements

Almost anyone can be a Foster Carer – you just need a passion for wanting to change a child’s life.

There are some mandatory elements to fostering which we have listed below.

Orange Grove requires you to:

  • Be over the age of 21
  • Have a spare bedroom
  • Be a British citizen, or have indefinite leave to remain
  • Be patient, committed, understanding and resilient

You can be:

  • Single, married or divorced
  • Male or female
  • A parent with young children, with grown up children or no children
  • A single parent
  • In a same sex relationship
  • Employed or unemployed

Are there any requirements that everyone who fosters must meet?

Yes. Orange Grove requires you to be over the age of 21, and be a British citizen (or have indefinite leave to remain). You’ll also need to have a spare room that the child or young person can have to themselves.

Can I work and foster?

In most cases, we ask that one foster carer in a family performs the role full-time, and has no other employment. However, depending on the type of placement, there may be some opportunities for you to work in a flexible or part-time capacity. You can discuss this with your Fostering Advisor.

Am I too old to foster?

We have foster carers of all ages. Some of our carers continue to foster well into their seventies. You do need a certain level of fitness and energy, to perform daily activities like picking a child up from school or playing games. But providing you can do these, age is no barrier to being an excellent foster carer.

I’m a divorced/single person – can I still foster?

Absolutely. We work with a wide range of brilliant male and female foster carers who are single.