Foster siblings

Foster siblings

Foster parents of siblings provide an important type of placement that allows brothers and sisters to remain together in foster care.

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Why are siblings separated in foster care?

It's estimated that 37% of children who have a sibling are separated when placed in foster care. This can lead to anxiety and feelings of loss, isolation and loneliness. While those working around the child want to keep siblings together wherever possible, they often have very little choice.

Sometimes the sibling group is too large, making it difficult to find suitable homes. Other times sibling rivalries make it impossible to keep brothers and sisters together. One of the main reasons, however, is a shortage of foster carers willing to take on this incredibly rewarding challenge.

Are you suited to fostering siblings?

To foster siblings, you’ll need the skills and qualities all foster parents need, but there are some other considerations too, including the extra challenges of caring for more than one vulnerable child, especially if you have your own or other children in your home. For obvious reasons, the work can be doubly challenging – but it can be doubly rewarding also.

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Training and support

There are specific challenges of working with siblings, and so we regard this as a specialist area with additional training and support, including access to professionals who specialise in family dynamics. They’ll work with you to get the best experiences for you and the children in your care.

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Generous allowances

You’ll receive a generous weekly fostering payment for each child in your care, together with other allowances for religious holidays and birthdays, all designed to reward your professionalism and commitment. Plus you'll receive discounts to some of your favourite shops, restaurants and family experiences.

Fostering allowance

keeping siblings together in foster care

Keeping siblings together in foster care

Going into care is tough, but being separated from the brothers and sisters you know and love can make the experience even tougher.

Siblings have shared experiences, and often a strong sense of attachment, which separation ruptures in two. Their sense of identity is challenged, and they lose a strong element of emotional support when they lose this relationship.

Keeping siblings together in foster care gives them one less thing to worry about during this difficult time and can help them cope better emotionally with their experiences. Furthermore, research shows that if siblings are kept together, placements tend to be more stable and successful.

Equally, the long-term outcomes for children are improved. So keeping them together makes total sense. Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of specialist sibling foster parents, so we’d welcome people who are willing or able to take this step of caring for siblings.

Sibling fostering pay

Can foster siblings share a room?

Usually, each child over the age of 3 has to have their own bedroom.

For siblings, the local authority may allow children to share up to the age of 10, so you’ll need either one bedroom with two beds (including bunk beds) or two spare bedrooms in your home.

Whether siblings can share a bedroom is generally a decision made by the local authority and will depend on the individual needs of the children.

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