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Foster care requirements in the UK

Many people are surprised about who is able to apply to foster – because the answer is pretty much everyone. It’s perhaps easier to look at the only fostering UK requirements we have:

  • you must be over 21
  • you must have a right to live and work in the UK
  • you must have a spare bedroom in your house that's always available for a child

And that’s just about it… except for having the personal qualities, commitment and energy to foster a child.

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Foster care bedroom requirements

The minimum requirement for a foster child's bedroom is that it’s safe, secure and well-maintained, and has enough space to fit a single bed, desk and chest of drawers or a wardrobe.

The spare room for fostering must always be available for a child in your care. For example, if you have children living away at university, there must be another bedroom for them to come to over the holidays.

Criteria for fostering

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Our foster parents come from all different ages, walks of life, backgrounds, cultures, religions and sexual orientations and each brings with them a diverse range of skills, knowledge and life experiences. You can be single, married or in a long-term relationship, heterosexual or gay.

You can be from any culture or religious belief and you don’t need educational qualifications. You might have worked with children and young people, or had children of our own, but equally, you might not. You may be a younger person looking for a unique career, or an older person looking for a new challenge.

We’re open to everyone who wants to become a foster parent and provide all the training and support you need to become successful in foster care.

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Some things to consider...

While almost anybody can apply to foster, there are some things we’ll take into account during your assessment, so it’s worth you considering them too. We want to make sure you’re right for Orange Grove, and that our fostering agency is right for you.

Experience working with children

Many of our foster parents have their own children or have worked with children before in a professional or voluntary capacity. This isn’t essential but it helps, if only to give you an insight into the challenges of the work.

Health and wellbeing

Some of our foster parents have underlying health conditions, or a physical disability or mental health issue, so none are necessarily an obstacle to becoming a foster parent.

But it’s important that these won’t affect your ability to look after a child or young person safely. It’s also important that fostering won’t affect your own wellbeing.

Financial stability

When you start fostering, we will hope to have children appropriately placed with you whenever you are available to care for them. However, throughout your fostering career, you may experience some periods without a child.

During times when you don't have a child in placement, we'll need to ensure that you'll manage financially, as you won't be receiving the fostering allowance.

Home environment

Is your home suitable and safe for a child? Do you have a spare bedroom that’s always available to them?

Enough time in your life

Getting children to school and clubs, having them around at evenings and weekends or being at home with them if they’re ill; fostering children is a full-time commitment, so we need to be sure you’ve got sufficient time to give them the attention they deserve as part of your family. This means that most foster parents don’t have a full-time job, although it’s not necessarily a barrier.

Support network

Although you’re the foster parent, do you have a wider support network – including family members – who support your decision and could add to the experience for the children in your care?

Able to meet the roles and responsibilities of a foster parent

Foster parents are naturally caring, compassionate and committed to championing the needs of children in their care. But to be successful, you’ll also need to be a good team player, able to work alongside other care professionals, including social workers, education experts and sometimes therapists.

Who can be a foster parent

Generous fostering allowances

You’ll receive a generous fostering allowance while a child is in your care, designed to recognise your professionalism and commitment. We also offer other benefits, such as allowances for birthdays and religious festivals, as well as two weeks paid respite.

Plus you'll have access to our rewards platform where you can find hundreds of discounts to some of your favourite shops, restaurants and family experiences.

Fostering allowance

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