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Fostering teenagers

Being a foster parent for teenagers is often easier and more rewarding than you may initially think.

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Sadly, the number of teenagers in foster care across the UK is rising, and so we're urging more compassionate and committed people to come forward and give them the stability they deserve during these critical years. 

We all know that teenagers can sometimes be a handful. For many young people in care it’s doubly so because, in addition to their hormones, they've likely experienced abuse, neglect and adverse childhood life experiences. They can be angry, frustrated, lonely or scared, and more than ever need stability and support to keep them on track, especially in these critical years as they reach adulthood and independence.

This makes it sound like really hard work. Strangely, however, we’ve learned that in many ways, fostering teenagers can be less challenging than fostering children. How come? Because they’re often in full-time education and have a higher degree of independence, so need less physical supervision, including many tasks involved in day-to-day living.

Without all this to worry about, foster parents can get on with the important job of providing support and stability through life and schooling, helping them make the most out of their potential.

fostering pay for caring for teenagers

Fostering pay for caring for teenagers

You’ll receive a generous weekly fostering payment for each young person in your care, together with other allowances for religious holidays and birthdays, all designed to reward your professionalism and commitment.

Plus, you'll have access to our rewards platform where you can find hundreds of discounts to some of your favourite shops, restaurants and family experiences.

Fostering allowance

Fostering teenagers

Role of foster parents of teenagers

The role’s pretty much the same as for all foster parents, but there’s perhaps a greater pressure to teach teenagers life-skills and prepare them for adulthood. 

Their education is reaching a peak too, and you’ll have a big part to play in guiding them and advising them, making sure they get the most out of school.

Another important aspect is helping them deal with their feeling and emotions during the difficult teenage years, as well as making sure they keep in regular touch with their birth family (if appropriate).

In other words, you’re there to help them grow into confident and successful adults, and it’s this that makes the work particularly rewarding. In everything you do, you’ll be supported by our professional team.

Are you suited to fostering teenagers?

To foster teenagers, you need the same skills and qualities as all foster parents. Experience with teenagers - either personally or professionally - may be beneficial but not necessary, and tolerance, patience and understanding are all essential qualities.

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