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With Orange Grove, transferring fostering agencies is easier than you think with our fast-track assessment service.

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Why transfer to Orange Grove

Today, we have around 400 children currently in our care, and we’re always looking for more experienced foster parents like yourself to join our amazing team.

Because we’re not an especially large fostering agency, we’re able to offer a personal approach and focus our efforts on building strong, long-lasting bonds alongside delivering high levels of support. In turn, all of this helps children grow and prepare for the life ahead of them.

It’s our commitment to developing and nurturing strong relationships that has helped establish Orange Grove as a highly respected agency, known for the quality of our support and positive outcomes for children, as well as our rigorous approach to quality assurance.

All of our centres nationwide are rated as either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, which is a clear indication of the quality of our work.

Transfer fostering agency to Orange Grove and enjoy:

  • Fast-track transfers – join our friendly and supportive team in around 12 weeks
  • Complete confidentiality – your fostering provider doesn’t need to know until you apply
  • Dedicated support – from our experienced foster parent recruitment team
  • Allowance guarantee – we’ll match your current allowance at the very least

More reasons to transfer

By phone

One of our team is available to talk to you over the phone to answer any of your fostering queries.

0800 369 8513

transferring fostering agencies

Allowance guarantee

We know money isn’t the driving factor to foster a child, but we understand it plays a big role in your decision to transfer foster agencies.

You’re an experienced carer, dedicated to changing the lives of children, so you deserve a fostering allowance that reflects this. That’s why when you transfer to Orange Grove, you can rest assured you won’t be left out of pocket.

Our allowance guarantee means we’ll match your current allowance at the very least, but we’re often able to offer a higher fostering allowance and benefits package, including:

  • A generous fostering allowance
  • Birthday and religious holiday allowance
  • Two weeks of paid respite care
  • Access to discounts through our rewards platform

Thinking about transferring?

Download our Guide to Transferring Foster Agency for an in-depth overview of the transferring process and the benefits of fostering with Orange Grove.

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transfer fostering agency

Process of transferring fostering agencies

Transferring fostering agencies is easier than you think, and with our fast-track service, you can start fostering with Orange Grove in around 12 weeks from your initial enquiry.

One of our dedicated recruitment managers will be with you every step of the way, and what’s more, the Form F assessment is quicker this time around as we only need your fostering experience to date.

If you want to transfer with a child already in your care, there are just a couple of extra steps to ensure the move is right for them too, but overall, it’s a smooth and easy process.

If you’re thinking of transferring from a local authority to a foster agency, the same steps will apply, and your enquiry will still remain confidential up until the point you decide to apply.

How to transfer

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to use a fostering transfer agency? 

No, we have dedicated recruitment managers at Orange Grove to support you every step of the way during your transfer.

We’re here to make everything go smoothly and ensure it’s a quick and easy process for you.

How easy is it to change foster agencies? 

It’s easier than you think. As you’re an experienced carer, you’ve already done a lot of the groundwork before.

A new Form F does need to be completed, but it’s mainly your experience to date that needs adding to it as your past hasn’t changed.

We’ll aim to complete the fostering assessments in around 12 weeks so you can get back to what you do best – caring for vulnerable children. 

What is fast track fostering? 

Fast track fostering is for experienced foster parents, and it enables you to transfer to us within 12 weeks.

This is because most of your Form F is already complete, and we just need to assess your experience to date.

It’s a quicker process than the first time you became a foster parent, and we’re here to help you every step of the way to ensure it’s smooth and stress-free. 

Do I have to give notice? 

You don’t need to inform your current fostering agency or local authority that you’re thinking about transferring until you’ve actually applied elsewhere.

At that point, you’ll need to send them your notice of intent to transfer. However, this is not your resignation. You don’t officially resign until after Panel and approval.

What are the benefits of transferring to a new foster agency? 

If you’re feeling unsupported or undervalued at your current provider, transferring foster agencies is probably the right step.

Not only will you be supported in all aspects of your fostering career at Orange Grove, but you’ll feel part of a family that truly cares about you. We’re often able to improve on your current fostering allowance too, or match it at the very least.

When you transfer fostering agency to us, it’ll be a fresh start and a chance to experience what you always should have.

Will I be offered training if I transfer to a new foster agency? 

Absolutely! We’re very proud to offer a comprehensive training package that includes access to specialist training courses.

We want you to excel at what you do, so we work closely with you to help you develop in the direction you want to go in.

From mental health to different parenting models like PACE, our on-going training is there to support you and give you the skills and knowledge you need to care for a wide variety of different needs. 

Do I have to have a formal assessment to transfer to a new fostering agency? 

Yes, we still need to complete a fostering assessment, however it’s a quicker process this time around. A dedicated social worker will complete the new Form F for you, focusing on your experience to date as a foster parent. 

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Are you ready to chat about transferring? 

Fill out the form and one of our transferring foster parent advisors will aim to call you within 30 minutes during working hours.

Rest assured, this is completely confidential so you don’t have to worry about your existing provider finding out. 

We can chat to you about:

  • Transfer process – with or without a child in placement
  • Training and support available at Orange Grove
  • Fostering allowance and other perks and benefits
  • Answer any of your questions

We look forward to helping you on your transfer journey.