lgbt fostering

LGBT fostering

We’re an inclusive fostering organisation that welcomes people from all backgrounds, and have many couples and singletons from the LGBTQ+ community who are making an extraordinary difference.

We often find the experience from the LGBTQ+ community invaluable in helping us support teenagers who are experiencing confusion and anxiety around their own sexual identity and those who may have experienced prejudice and discrimination in the past.

However, we know from experience that those from the LGBT community may have specific concerns relating to fostering and so we hope to give you some more information around LGBT fostering and encourage you to take your first step to becoming a foster parent.

Common questions from the LGBT community

Can same-sex couples foster?

Absolutely. You can be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and still foster. It's your ability to care for a vulnerable child that matters, not your sexual orientation.

Can I be single and foster?

Yes. Though we welcome same-sex couples, we also welcome single foster parents – female, male or transgender - onto our team of great foster parents.

Will I be assessed in the same way as everyone else?

Yes. You’re applying to become an LGBT foster carer and the process is exactly the same for you as for everyone else. We evaluate your application on the same criteria to foster - and that’s simply your ability to look after and support vulnerable children and young people.

Will I be treated differently?

No. You’re one of our team and will have the same access to support and training as every other foster family we work with.

lgbt foster carers

How to become an LGBT foster parent

It’s the same for all our foster parents, without exception. Firstly, you'll need to complete our online enquiry form. We'll give you a call back to check you meet the initial requirements to foster and answer any of your questions about foster care and the work we do as an independent fostering agency

If you're ready to move forward, we'll arrange to visit you at home to speak more about the role and you'll then submit an application. If accepted, you'll start your fostering assessment which generally takes around 4-6 months to complete.

Find out more

Sarah's fostering story

We chatted with Sarah - who's part of our LGBT community here at Orange Grove - about her experience of becoming a foster parent and the many reasons she loves what she does...

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