Fostering Pay & Allowances

We believe the best way to help children reach their full potential is to recruit, train and nurture a community of highly trained foster carers.

We also understand that to become a foster carer, you’ll need to be supported financially in order to provide the child with an enriching childhood, as well as providing you with a professional income for your work.

We reward our carers with generous weekly fostering payments, as well as other fostering allowances.

How Much Are You Paid For fostering? 

We have different fostering pay scales, depending on your experience, training and child or young people in placement. New foster carers receive the following probationary rates, until you have completed 12 months of fostering and the Training and Development Standards.

Probationary rates for new carers
Age of child placed 0 – 4 years 5 – 10 years 11 – 15 years 16 – 17 years
Total Weekly Payment £313.13 £368.70 £404.05 £404.05
Child Allowance £161.62 £191.95 £227.30 £227.30
Carer Fee £151.51 £176.75 £176.75 £176.75

Once you’ve completed 12 months of fostering and have undertaken the Training and Development Standards, you will receive the following experienced foster carer payment rates.

Rates for carers with 12 months of fostering experience who have completed the training and development standards
Age of child placed 0 – 4 years 5 – 10 years 11 – 15 years 16 – 17 years
Total Weekly Payment £323.24 £388.85 £434.31 £434.31
Child Allowance £161.62 £191.95 £227.30 £227.30
Carer Fee £161.62 £196.90 £207.01 £207.01

Payments are calculated on a nightly basis and are paid at the end of the calendar month for all nights that a young person has been in the placement.

Enhanced rates are available for complex or solo placements.

Fostering Payments for Siblings

If you’re able to look after siblings, the following discounts to your Total Weekly Fostering Payment will apply:

Sibling payments
Eldest sibling Full rate
2nd sibling -5%
3rd and subsequent siblings -10%

Other Fostering Allowances

We also provide a number of additional fostering allowances to encourage the continued growth of children in our care. These allowances help to develop your skills as a foster carer, provide you with a break when they need it and create memorable life experiences for young people in care.

Additional allowances
Respite payment 2 weeks paid leave per annum
New placement start-up payment £100 per child
Long term placement bonus £250 on each 12 month anniversary
Annual training bonus (experienced carers only) £500 on successful annual completion
Birthday allowance £200 per annum
Religious festival allowance £200 per annum

Want to find out more about becoming a foster carer? Get in touch today – we’re here to help!