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Foster Care Transforms Lives

Being a foster carer is a career like no other and makes such a difference to the lives of many children.

May 8 2017 - 2 min read

It is the start of Foster Care Fortnight; the Fostering Network’s annual campaign, which recognises the importance of fostering and how this transforms lives.

The campaign highlights the fact that 9,070 new foster families are needed in the next 12 months alone to care for a range of children. The greatest need being for foster carers for older children, sibling groups, disabled children and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

The theme of this year’s Foster Care Fortnight is ‘Foster Care Transforms Lives’. Being a Foster Carer is a rewarding career that makes such a difference to the lives of many children. Two of our foster children have shared what it is like to be in foster care, and what life is like with their foster carers:

Thank you to Kirsty aged 15 and Michael aged 16, for sharing such lovely words with us!

Foster care not only transforms the lives of young people, it also transforms the lives of foster carers and their families who put themselves forward to care for children in need of a loving home. If you are interested in finding out more about the life-changing role of a Foster Carer, please get in touch with us here.

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