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How important is it for foster children to stay in one place?

It's hugely important that children in care experience a stable family home environment that remains consistent in their often turbulent early lives.

January 8 2016 - 4 min read

What do we mean by this? Do we mean, living in the same road; the same city, the same home? For children placed in care the answer is… Hugely important. Foster carers, both local authority and other agencies play a huge role in making sure children have a safe home, a home that doesn’t change and remains a constant in their often turbulent early lives.

We published an infographic recently and then spoke to a few parent bloggers in order to ask them what they felt about it.
Tory, mum to one and constantly searching for the elusive 25th hour, writes a humorous blog about parenting amongst other things said…

As a parent of a four-year-old I can think of little more important than giving a child one place to call home. It is the centre of their world and is vital in building confidence and a sense of security from which to build their lives. Having constants in your live gives you an anchor, somewhere to return, and a sense of belonging which, along with love, has to be one of the most important things we can give a child.”

You can find stats and facts on fostering in the UK on our infographic and if you want to share your opinion, join us on Twitter and Facebook!  To find out more about foster care, make a no-obligation enquiry or give us a call.

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