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Kem and Eric's Story

Kem and Eric have been fostering for over 13 years. In our latest campaign, we hear from the couple and some of the young people whose lives have been touched by this extraordinary family.

May 22 2023 - 5 min read

Meet the extraordinary family changing children’s lives

We had the pleasure of spending a day with Kem and Eric from our Yorkshire fostering team, where we discovered first-hand the difference they've made to young people in care.

The couple, along with two of the young people in their care, feature in our latest campaign, which they hope will inspire even more people to consider this wonderfully rewarding career.

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Kem and Eric Gowthorpe have cared for over seven children in their 13 years of fostering and provide rich and rural life on their farm to the children and young people that they foster. Currently, the couple cares for two teenagers, aged 13 and 17.

Kem said: “What keeps you going is that little smile, it’s heartwarming. When you’ve done something for them and when you make them happy, we take a lot of satisfaction from that.

“To us, family means everything, we all need each other and we all help each other. We are all equal and I think that’s all you need, love and trust.

“It’s important that children have roots and a place that they can come back to.

“Fostering hasn’t really changed our lives, you just get on with it, like we do with our own children. It’s no different.”

Eric added: “It’s always a busy house, with the animals to feed as well, we’re never short of a job, there’s always something to do, but we do it all together as a family and we all muck in.”

Kem said: “You can’t take fostering lightly, you’ve got to be there and you’ve got to be a support for them and you’ve got to be strong.

“There's no such thing as a bad child, it’s what life’s made them. If you can help them on their way, that’s the wonderful thing about fostering.”

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