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Life after care


Being in foster care doesn’t last forever and the time will come when it is appropriate to move on from your foster family. This could be to return home or to move to a planned foster care placement where you might stay until you are 18, or once you are old enough, a move to your own independent home.

Pathway Plan

Pathway plan

Your foster parent will help you to learn independence skills for the future, which may be written down in what is called a Pathway Plan. All young people should have a Pathway Plan by the time they are 16 years old. This helps to plan what you may need for the future, such as where you might live, whether you want to go to college or university, if you want to start work and what you might want from the future.

Further support

Once you are ready to live on your own, everyone will support you to find your own home. We know this can be a big step so your foster parents and social workers will support you with this. Even when you have left foster care, you can stay in touch with your foster family and always receive further guidance and support from a social worker.

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