Dyllan’s Fostering Journey as a Birth Child

7 May, 2019

“It’s just like having an older brother”

A birth child of Orange Grove foster carers, has shared his experience of living with a foster child.

Dyllan, who is 9-years-old and the birth child of Fiona and Johnathon is constantly asked what it’s like to be living with a fostered child in his own home “Is it like having another sibling?” “Is it strange having someone else living in your home?”

Living with foster children for the past five years has certainly been a journey and a half for Dyllan. Each child who comes into the house has completely different needs and personality traits, but for Dyllan there is one special boy who has enhanced his home life.

A 14-years-old boy joined the family when Dyllan was just 4-years-old, therefore, having two older brothers is all he’s ever known.

Dyllan said: “I love having him around, he’s great fun. We both play rugby and we play on the Xbox together, it’s just like having an older brother.”

He added: “He comes on family outings with us, he always sits at the family table and takes family photos with us, he is definitely part of our family and always will be.”

Dyllan is not short of anyone to play with having two other boys in the house. Austin, his birth brother, who is 11-years-old occasionally plays with Dyllan and Logan, but has different interests.

Dyllan has two different brothers who he enjoys spending time with, but he shares similar interests with his foster brother.

He commented: “We have such a lot in common and he’s always kind to me. I always argue with Austin but never him.”

Fiona and Johnathon have always had long placements, so Dyllan has always built a strong bond with the children who have come into their home. “My foster brother has been with us for five years now, so I feel like I know him really well now and will always class him as a brother.” Dyllan explains.

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